App Store Optimization Efforts to Increase Our App’s Visibility

Venturing in the App Market

app store optimization

Venturing in the app market is not something that can be categorized as an easy thing to do. App market has been one of the market which has been overcrowded by app developers since the rise of smartphone in today’s era. It is not surprising that many people are venturing to build their own app for the app market since app business is a very lucrative business.

Therefore, if we are new in this business and in this market then we should know several things. The first thing is to create an app with decent content hence people that have downloaded our app will be satisfied and use our app more frequent. However, having a decent content will not guarantee our app to survive in the app market since there are also lots of app developer who develop decent content. The question is: What is another thing that can make our app to be widely known and widely used?



The answer is to make our app appears frequently in the app store where the only way to do it is by doing app store optimization. Why app store? Because people are not looking for an app via search engine whereas they search it via app store. By doing app store optimization, it means that our app will be more visible than any other apps where people will be more likely to notice our app. If we know the SEO business to elevate a certain page to the search engine’s first page then it works in the similar way where app store optimization effort increases our app visibility in the app store. There are many efforts to optimize our app where one of them is by having a good app’s title and app’s keywords. Maybe it sounds very simple but having a good app’s title and app’s keywords are the main selling points.


May 19, 2015