Resound Box with Buy SoundCloud Plays

Resound Box with Buy SoundCloud Plays

Resound Box with Buy SoundCloud Plays

The website is a music sharing social media website that hosts 250 million unique monthly users, whose “ultimate goal is to become the main audio platform of the web, or the YouTube of audio” (Dillet). The website is used by professional musicians, amateur musicians, and music lovers searching for new songs (Horn). This community is the key factor that separates from other music websites such as YouTube or Spotify. The features and layout of are what have generated such a wide community of users that visit the site on a regular basis because they create a figurative representation of the rhetorical strategies of ethos, logos, and pathos.

Vimeo with SoundCloud

Vimeo is a video upload site very similar to YouTube, but without any ads or public videos. The database consists mainly of users who are uploading their own creations and independent film projects. As a band you might want to upload the same content that you would to YouTube.

Similarly to YouTube, you can create channels on Vimeo. However, here you can designate specific channels to different projects or groups of videos. Uploading a video to Vimeo is simple, click the button on the right hand side of your profile and select a file. Keep in mind, it will take some time for the video to be available for viewing following upload.

Last FM with SoundCloud

Last FM is an Internet radio that allows users to find new music. It is similar to Pandora except there is no limit to the amount of songs you can skip. You can pick an artist, genre, or song and create a station. In addition, you can promote your music by posting it on your Last FM profile. If you connect yourself to similar artists, fans of those artists are more likely to discover you on Last FM stations. You can even buy SoundCloud plays without wasting any time.

May 28, 2015