How Joining Mailing List Saves You Money on Ticket Fare

You probably laugh at the idea of joining flight air mailing list, but it can actually help you save a lot of money. Most people don’t realize that they can get cheap air flight tickets (or tiket pesawat murah) by joining such mailing list. When you join it, you will be notified about special offers and discounts, including the availability of very cheap but limited seats. When you act fast, you can enjoy the benefits big time!


Signing up for Mailing List

You probably hate the idea that your inbox will be cluttered with unimportant mails and notifications, but if you spend most of your time on the go and you are always in need of cheap tickets, joining a mailing list won’t be so bad. You will be updated of all the interesting offers, including the special deal or last minute offers. Most of these special offers only last within 24 hours, so you need to act fast about it. Sure, you can always check on their sites regularly, but can you always do it constantly without being bored? I can save about 50% of my supposed to spending because I join in the mailing list. I once traveled to Japan for only $700, while the actual rate was $1500, so it was a very good deal!

If you really hate the idea of cluttering your mailbox, it is a good idea if you can set up a specific email account for this kind of purpose – joining mailing list, getting promotions, etc. by doing this, you can separate your personal emails from emails containing ads and promotions.

Make use of Students Discounts

If you are a student, it would be best to make use of your students’ card. A lot of air service services would be more than happy to provide discounts to students.

July 4, 2015