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Preparation for a Safe and Pleasant Hiking

Are you planning to go on a hike this summer? It will be very nice to see the nature under the sun, right? It will be more exciting to go with the family and friends. But, before you go, you need to prepare yourself and stuff to bring so your hiking will be pleasant and happy moment.

Before go hiking

If you want to have comfortable and enjoyable outdoor walk, you have to bring some essentials. But you have to bring only what`s absolutely necessary because you are going to have long and challenging journey and it will be more comfortable to bring reasonable things.

What to bring?

hiking-essentialsHere are 3 things to do as the preparation before you go hiking.

  • Eat breakfast

This is true. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eat your breakfast, so you can have enough energy to keep up throughout the day.

  • Always tell family/friends where you are going

Always tell the family or your friends where you are going, so if bad things happen during your hiking, the rescuers will know where to look for you.

  • Get weather reports

Weather is really important when you are about to explore the mountain. Get weather reports so you can bring extra clothes, food and other supplies to support your hiking.

Here are 3 things to bring so you can have pleasant hiking experience.

  • Warm clothes

Even the sky is clear, the weather in mountain areas can turn bad in anytime so you need to bring many warm and dry clothes like jackets. You may look into Patagonia outlet online to get cheap jackets with good quality.

  • Compass, a map, a guidebook, first aid kit, and plenty of water

Without this stuff, you will blindly enter the mountain which is incredibly dangerous.

  • Light sources

Don`t forget to bring the flashlight or headlamps in your bag, even if you don`t play staying out till dark. Bring lots of batteries too.

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July 14, 2015