Sophrology: the best stress management method

Most of you out there probably have not heard about this new term called Sophrology. Sophrology itself is a new method of stress relieve that uses the idea of mind awareness to combat stress. It was invented early in the 70s by a Colombian professor named Alfonso Caycedo. He introduced the idea of controlling our body, mind and the overall consciousness in order to reduce the level of stress or anxiety in our body. For the next couple of minutes, we will introduce you to this new relaxation therapy training (sophrologie formation) in order to help you balance your life from stress and depression.


The Purpose of Sophrology

Sophrology is very useful to deal with so many afflictions in your body. For the most part, Sophrology is used to deal with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, or even anger management issues. In combating them, the technique of sophrology is utilizing our own mind and body to be aware of what’s happening in our body. In other words, we are trying to control our body and shielding it from any negative occurrence such as stress and depression. There are so many different ways of methods of sophrology that will be explained next.

How to practice them

The exact practice of sophrology is varied according to the kind of affliction that wants to be treated. For instance, if you are dealing with anger issues, meditation and yoga might be a suitable method for you. For those who are under a lot of stress or depression, maybe they can try a little bit more relaxation technique such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation. There are so many other method of relaxation which you can find out through website like http://www.efds-sophrologie.fr. This French website will give you any type of information regarding sophrology and how to practice the overall relaxation therapy training (sophrologie formation).

July 30, 2015