FF XIV and Its Unique Mounts


If we currently need some games which is online and accompanied with decent graphics then we should try the latest online MMORPG game which has been launched by Square Enix. This game is known as the Final Fantasy XIV which is the part of final fantasy series. We will find some similarities between this game with other Final Fantasy series both in the system and also in the playable characters. Therefore it is not surprising if this game is crowded with numerous people from around the world who love every single aspect of Final Fantasy.


The Mounts

One noticeable unique feature that we can find throughout the game is the wide variety of mounts. Yes, we can find numerous FFXIV mounts in this game where it can be acquired by accomplishing main quest, side quest, or even by buying it with real money. FFXIV mounts are the best thing that we are going to have if we need to travel around the Eorzea without having to waste our time. Mounts are also not restricted for experienced players or players that use real money where we are also able to get mounts just by following the main quest. Therefore, it is not an exclusive thing in this game but if we want to possess a magnificent mount then we need to use real money or to complete lots of main quests.


An interesting thing of FFXIV mounts is about the chocobos. Yes, these birds that always help us in almost every final fantasy game can also be ridden in this game. However, we may find some improvements in both the design quality and also the variety of chocobos only in this game. Appearing as one of the FFXIV mounts, chocobo has many forms such as the black chocobo and also the amber drought chocobo.

August 8, 2015