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Today’s Trend: Hand Lettering for Web Design

Hand Lettering has been a new trend on the internet nowadays. Although this technique can’t be considered as a new invention, but it has been re-used over social media, mainly in Instagram. With many different styles applied, hand lettering shows its uniqueness and has proven to be a great choice for today’s design, especially for web design طراحی سایت.

Hand lettering seems to be a new thing with fun and awesome look, but you should consider few things before picking this technique. The first question should be answered is: Does this hand lettering represent your brand? When you want to represent a brand, you should have some messages and keywords you want to inform from the design. By using hand lettering, the delivered keywords may be: unique, personal, fun, playful, trendy, natural, elegant, and vintage. Of course, these keywords can be delivered based on the styles of the hand lettering itself. If you want to show your brand with these terms, you definitely can use this hand lettering thing.


The next thing you should consider is the look of your hand lettering in your web design طراحی سایت. By picking hand-lettering, you should choose between making this hand lettering scalable or changing its orientation to suit some different screen sizes. If you choose to scale your text, it can create a smooth transition in some screen sizes, but of course it depends on the weight and complexity of your hand lettering. When you choose orientation changing, you have the benefit for the smaller screen so that it can be easier to be read.

And then the third point, also as important as the previous points, is hand-lettering should be easy to read or legible. In order to deliver some information to your reader, legibility is the key to your design. If your hand lettering needs up to 4 or 5 seconds to be read, I think you should make this word easier and clearer to read. The best way to boost its legibility is by changing its weight and contrast between the letters.

So, if you have answered all the questions above, I think this is the best time to choose hand lettering on your web design.

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August 4, 2015