vietnam voyage

Cheap Vacation to Vietnam

Want to have an once-in-a-lifetime vacation but afraid of turning poor after the trip? Then Vietnam is a good idea. The Southeast Asian country has a lot of stunning landmarks, whether you are into natural or cultural attractions. There are also unique dishes for your adventurous appetite.

Vietnam will not make us broke. The country’s currency, Dong is not considered as a strong currency. Although this is not good for the country itself, tourists and the local people who run tourism business will be benefited by this. Even in major cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, the living cost is still very affordable for us tourists or expatriates. At around $2-$3, we can get a decent meal. A nice dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant cost around $10-$25. Meanwhile, a liter of milk or a glass of cappuccino costs around $2. We can be somewhat consumptive but remain economically healthy in the country.

Affordable tour packages

To be able to arrange our trips as economical as possible, it is recommended to use the right agency which has a lot of experiences in Vietnam travel (Vietnam voyage). One of the most recommended agencies is Minh Anh Travel. The agency has a lot of information about any kinds of trip geared towards singles, families, adventurers, culture enthusiasts, etc.

Minh Anh Travel will provide us with local guides with bilingual communication ability. The guides know well about their country as well as foreigners expectations. The agency is open to budget discussion. The rate for each tour package changes according to the number and specific needs of the participants. The rate always feels right and fair.

Besides, the agency is always available to help us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We can call the agency directly or send inquiries through e-mails. The mails will be responded in less than 48 hours. Experienced travel consultants will give us advices through phone calls or email exchanges.

September 1, 2015