The Fuss about Eyelash Extensions

You probably don’t realize that the so called today’s Eyelash extensions are different from the classic ones. In the past, you might be familiar with only the classic extension, but today’s extension is totally different, both from the technology used and the implementation applied. If you think that the new technology is complicated or difficult, then you are hugely mistaken.

The Main Differences

Classic eyelash extensions focused on lengthening the eyelashes only, while today’s modern eyelash extensions focus on the length, as well as the depth and texture. In the past, only people with short and unattractive eyelashes wanted to have this treatment, but it’s not always the case with modern cases. In fact, today’s people who undergo the treatment mostly have long eyelashes, but their eyelashes aren’t very dark, thick, or rich in texture. That’s why they turn to eyelash treatment and extension.

Here are the basic differences; classic treatments only focused on the length while keeping it natural and simple. The implementation was also very simple and relatively quick. However, the modern treatment is about thickness and volume, creating heavier and thicker lashes without overdoing it. That’s why it really requires a professional work because the overall process is more complicated and difficult.

In classic extension, only a single extension could be applied to a single lash. In modern extension, however, several extensions could be applied to a single lash. On the contrary to what people think, such modern extensions will deliver thicker and more natural look without damaging or hurting the natural eyelash. And the cool thing about the modern treatment is that it won’t use more adhesive. In fact, it uses less adhesive than the classic extension.


In the end, the modern extension offers more flexibility and customization when compared to the classic extension. And for your money’s worth, the eyelashes are basically darker and richer.

September 24, 2015