What Is WhatsApp Plus?

Many smart phone users install and use WhatsApp Messenger to exchange messages with one another. The messenger application owned by Facebook has become popular due to its various features. But have you ever heard of WhatsApp Plus? The application is way more interesting.

Unique Features

WhatsApp Plus comes with unique features which enable us to customize the interface. It has features of WhatsApp plus some other exclusive, additional features. For media upload capacity for instance, instead of limiting it to 12 Mb as the old versions, we can adjust the limit from 16 Mb to 50 Mb. It is very important for us who enjoy sharing and uploading a lot of files.


We can even adjust the color of WhatsApp icon into green, purple, orange or red. Besides, it is also possible to change the color of the notification on WhatsApp Plus. The application also enables us to change the color of the background and even the theme, a feature which we can’t found in regular WhatsApp.


Adjusting picture quality is also easy using WhatsApp Messenger. If we want to send high quality pictures, it is perfectly possible. However, WhatsApp Plus also enables us to choose to reduce the quality if we need to upload the file faster. This is very different compared to the regular WhatsApp which will reduce the quality of our pictures. We can also check our sfriends’ latest statuses easily. We don’t have to click our friend one by one to be able to know his or her last status update.

The ability to customize the messenger makes WhatsApp Plus becomes increasingly popular. Although this is not an official app launched by the Facebook-owned company, a lot of people Install WhatsApp Plus on their smart mobile devices. If you are also interested, please be sure to only install the application from a trusted source.

September 11, 2015