All About Car Insurance and the Benefit Behind it

Many people got misunderstood about the meaning of car insurance. Through this article, I want to share a little knowledge I had about car insurance and the benefit for having car insurance.

In general, car insurance definition is an agreement which bond a personwith a car insurance company by receiving a premium to give replacement for a loss, or damage that may be had suffered as a result unexpected.


What is the benefit of having car insurance? Car insurance objective is to protect your vehicles from any unexpected disaster whether it is natural or not such as car accident or car theft. The purpose for people having car insurance is to feel safe and secure whenever or wherever they drive their vehicles.

There are two different types of car insurance services you should know:

  • Join Insurance (Comprehensive) or All Risk

This car insurance covers car damage caused by car accident, whether it is small or big and also covers any loss of your vehicles. It is also cover the loss of additional car parts caused by compulsion or destruction.

  • Total Loss Only (TLO)

This insurance service only covers car damage caused by acar accident with minimum damage 75% from the coverage price of the vehicles. This insurance also covers if you lost your vehicles caused by car theft.

Two services I mentioned above are only basic protection; several insurance companies these days also provide many expanded car insurance services such as legal liability to third parties and passengers, natural disaster tragedy, strike riot and civil commotion.

Well, that’s a little explanation about the definition of car insurance and its benefit. Hope this will help you on choosing good car insurance service for your vehicles. Another tip for people who want to find and compare cheap auto insurance, I shall give you a useful link you should try:

October 25, 2015