martin backpacker

Martin Backpacker Guitar

Are you a traveling musician? If yes, then you might understand the struggle of carrying around heavy instrument in your hand. Martin understands your struggle, hence he invented Martin backpacker guitar, a guitar which is specially designed for musicians who love to be on road tour. You will never imagine a compact guitar which is very lightweight and got you into no trouble but a perfect convenient to play music on roads or while you are traveling. Interesting, isn’t it? Let us have a closer look into this guitar.


Just like its name “backpaker”, the guitar is very compact. It is specially designed for musicians who love to play music on roads. You will find that this guitar is not heavier more than a baseball bat. Certainly, you will feel a little odd as you are already familiar with the regular size of guitar. The construction is very solid, and you can have 15 frets to get just the right tuning.


As for musicians, you will pay the big attention to the tone of the guitar. The overall tone is what everyone looking for in a guitar. Even though you might think the design is quiet odd for a guitar, it can produces the good volume through the compact and slim design. One thing that you should remember is this guitar is only made for small setting, either to sing along with a group of people or just to sing alone. Do not believe any review who says Martin backpacker guitar is up for any performance, it is specially designed for small setting.

martin backpacker


Just like mentioned earlier, this guitar is specially made for travelling. It costs a lot cheaper than most guitar for big performance. It cost no more than $200, and for some instance you can get it cheaper than 200 bucks.

October 24, 2015