What to Gain from Discover Lifeline Program?

So, what’s the big deal with free mobile phone, anyway? Well, if you have very minimum wage that allows you to only buy the basic needs (foods, especially) and nothing else, having a mobile phone can be considered as a luxury. After all, you don’t have the money to buy the minutes, so why bother having a cell phone, anyway?


However, the government understands how important communication is. It doesn’t only connect you to other people, but also to other important public care and facilities. For instance, when you are ill, how are you supposed to contact the doctor? If something bad happens to you during an emergency situation, how will you contact the ambulance and hospital? When you apply for a new job (which is better and more promising financially), how can your future employer contact you? This is one of the main reasons why the government creates Discover Lifeline program and set up the official website.

About the Program

If you come to, you will see that not only government provides a free mobile phone, you can also enjoy free 350 minutes every month. In fact, within the first four months of the program, you can get 500 free minutes that will help you get through with your text message and phone calls. In case the 350 free minutes aren’t enough for you, you can pay a small fee monthly to get additional 750 minutes per month. However, most users claim that they are satisfied enough with 350 minutes, which are considered more than enough for their needs.


In case you want to apply for this program, you can check your eligibility and whether the program is available for your state. Currently, the program is set in 29 states, so if your state isn’t included within the listed 29, then you are out of luck.

December 12, 2015