Why Do Music Blogs Exist?

What do you want to do when you want to know about the latest gossips of your favorite artists or you want to know the most current updates of your favorite singers? You can get all this information from music blogs or music sites that are scattered around the net. Whether you are more interested in Pop music blog or other music genres, be sure that these blogs are designed to help you get the latest news about the music industry, as well as improving your music knowledge.

Pros and Cons of Music Blogs


Although the music blogs gain more positive feedbacks and opinions from internet users, there are some negative statements. The criticism isn’t about the existence of the blogs themselves, but more to the contents.

It seems that some of the music bloggers don’t really have passion and interest in the music industry, but more to the money-oriented purpose. Most of them know that they can gain high traffic and generate money from their blogs, so they don’t really care about the contents. Most of the contents are copies from other blogs, which often result in copyright issue.

Moreover, the abundance of music blogs – but not followed by creativity – has lead to many similar contents. It is quite common to see the articles or videos on blog A also published and posted on blog B or C – sometimes even within the same day!

High Quality Blog

Basically, finding a high quality music blog isn’t difficult or complicated. All you have to do is to see the contents. See how everything is laid out and managed. A good blog has their own arrangement and managements. Everything should have their own categories, like the one displayed and arranged at Popify. There is a section for the videos, as well as a certain section for the music news and articles.