Some Advice for First Date

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First day at school, first day at work, and first date with someone new are always important days in our life. Those days could be the start of our new path in our life. The first date could be essential because it could change our life. It could be the day we find our partner in life. Commonly, the first date is an awkward situation when two people are in the position where they do not know what to do to impress each other. Starting conversation could be scary because we are afraid that it will be offended. For the first date, we can follow this dating advice which can help to start a good conversation and knowing each other more.

Ask the biggest influence in life

By asking a question what the biggest influence in our date’s life, we could know his or her character. We may be going to understand the significant of his character from the answer, whether it is a parent, a friend, an author, or a religious figure. Besides that, it could help to see the clues about the type of person he or she will become in the future.

Ask about his or her best friend

His or her best friend is the one that they spend time more or shares opinions with. Knowing who is his or her best friend and what makes them become best friend will help to dig deeper. In this context, we should get answer one person. The best friend applies to one person who our date enjoys the most. We will know why they spend time together or they become a best friend. Whether it is because they have fun together or they chase dream together, it could help us to build a relationship with our date.

February 12, 2016