Types of coffee maker


Using coffee makers are very useful for people who have an activity as a coffee drinker in the morning. Of course, making a coffee by ourselves can give us benefits. Moreover, there are several types of coffee makers (เครื่องชงกาแฟ) that can help to brew coffee beans.

Types of coffee makers

  1. Automatic drip coffee maker

An electric coffee maker that will take a reservoir of water, heat it and filter it through ground coffees through a paper filter, then, the coffee trickles out into a large warmed pot. These systems are great for making large quantities of coffee and keeping them warm. If you have sensitive with paper filters or if counter space is limited, it may not be the coffeemaker for you.

  1. Chemex handblown glass coffee maker

It is a relatively simple stand-up coffee system that employs special filter paper. The thick glass doesn’t absorb any coffee or impart its own strange flavor. This is very portable, durable and elegant.

  1. Porcelain coffee cone

Pour-over drip coffee is become trendy nowadays. With its simple ways to use, you can set a cone like a traditional porcelain version on top of your coffee pot or cup, fit a paper filter into it, then, spoon in your ground coffees and pour hot water slowly over the grinds. It is a good choice for people who live alone

  1. Keurig single-cup home brewing system

It has a single-cup system that prepackaged pods of coffee are popped into the system, you select your preferred size, press a button and a reservoir of water is heated and filtered through the pod. This type is very fast, convenient and very easy to use.

  1. french press

A french press is a good coffee maker for people who don’t like paper filters. A there are no paper filters and no electricity needed. You can spoon the coffee into the press and pour in hot water. Also, give a stir and when you want to drink a coffee, press the built-in mesh filter down to separate the grounds from the coffee.

  1. Vacuum coffee maker

This type is also known as a siphon coffee maker and is similar to the Italian stove-top espresso maker. It is set over a stove burner and pressure forces water from the lower chamber into the upper chamber containing the ground coffee.

  1. Turkish coffeepot

This is a small copper pot that is designed to heat finely ground coffee and water together. The coffee is cooked over a stove and also, giving a unique and strong flavor.

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February 29, 2016