Types of Prescription for ESA

Documents You’ll Need for Your Support Dog

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Ever heard of the emotional support dogs? Yes, they are the dogs that aren’t quite a pet; they are the dogs that are acknowledged to provide companionship and comfort to either mental or physical impaired people. Different from those of service dogs, the support dogs don’t need to go through specialized training, and they don’t perform tasks of major life activities on the behalf of the owner. Emotional support dogs simply function as a friend, to provide therapeutic benefits to the owner.

There are a few things to do to register emotional support dog, but you can get an online help from to guide you through the process. There are some paperwork to complete in order to get approval for your support dog. Furthermore, there are different prescription documentation that you might need to get your support dog legally entered some public accomodations. The following are to name a few:

First of all, you may need a temporary travel letter if you want to bring your support dog to the cabin with you. Airlines require a travel letter that certifies your dog as a support animal. This emotional support animal certification is only for air travel purpose and you can pull it out whenever stopped to certify that your dog meets the federal regulations for ESA.

Secondly, you may need a temporary housing letter to prove to your landlady that your dog is protected under the FHA and HUD guidelines. This certification is vavlid for one year and it can be re-certified by the qualified doctors.

Third, you may want to have a permanent housing and travel letter for one-time certification process. This certification won’t get expired, but it might need to be updated since some airlines’ll refuce certification that’s older than a year. With it, you can go to wherever you like it with your support dog.

February 29, 2016