The Plot in ReLIFE

Do you know what ReLIFE is? It is a manga about someone whose life has been changed and turned to the good or bad – depending on whose point of view. If you are interested in such ‘life-changing’ topic or a second life opportunity, you may want to read ReLIFE in some of the websites providing the story.


ReLIFE: The Basic Idea

What would you do when your life is a major failure? What would you do when you always fail, no matter what? Don’t you wish that you are given a second opportunity to change everything? This is the basic idea of the comic, happening to Kaizaki Arata. The man always fails in everything he does in life. He’s a 27-years-old guy, being jobless and moneyless, and he always fails in every job he has. Sounds like a tragic life story, huh?

And just like a miracle happening to his life, he is given and offered an opportunity to re-do his life once again through a scientific experiment. He should consume a certain drug (which is created and made through the scientific experiment) that will change his appearance to his 17-years-old state. It allows him to get back to high school and repair what’s wrong. Sounds interesting and appealing, right?


The Main Strength

This is one of the many strengths of manga: the story can be appealing, unique, wild, and also impossible and yet it feels familiar. Sure, the idea of having a scientific experiment where you can return to your youthful appearance is impossible but then there is a familiarly with the life failure, high school, and teenage experience. It is so easy to fall in love with manga and the unique plot. After all, who doesn’t want to be given a second chance to fix what’s wrong with their life, anyway?


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July 17, 2016