Carrageenan is No Danger

The rumor of the carrageenan dangers happens because it gets mixed with the poligeenan. On the contrary, carrageenan is a safe substance which can be consumed by people, even babies. You could try to know more about carrageenan from how it is made.

The way of making carrageenan


As it is said before, carrageenan is not poligeenan. Poligeenan is not a food additive and it does not have functionality in food. Besides that, the material between poligeenan and carrageenan is not the same. It leads to the way it is manufactured. Carrageenan does not need many processes, just like the poligeenan. Then, it can be done with a household blender. You could extract it from the seaweed and you could do that in the kitchen. It has been done by Irish for almost more than hundreds years ago. Besides that, carrageenan does not use any foreign chemical. Generally, it is harvesting by hand.

Sustainable and conscientious

The carrageenan is harvested from the small family farms by hand. It is done all around the world. The process may not be controversial for the local environment. On the other hands, the harvest of the seaweed could feed the global hunger issue. Using carrageenan could help in stabilizing food and extend shelf life. For example, the remote villages are able to get nutritious food which is impossible to obtain.

Consumer demand and delight

The use of carrageenan has been for centuries and it is used to add a smooth texture to food. The red seaweed fiber will work as natural thicker. At the same time, it could be used to reduce fat or sugar in theproduct. The function of the carrageenan is the food companies which are able to meet the increasing demand for convenient, health-conscious food craved by palates around the world.