19Beginner poker players, whether they are playing the game live or whether they are playing an online poker game through an agen poker, might not be aware of the fact that there are indeed playing styles involved in poker. In fact, the more you learn about poker and the more you play it, you will see that you can analyze and define the playing styles of your opponent simply by observing their betting patterns, as there are general guidelines you can use to do so.

The first playing style you might have noticed from your opponent is whether they are considered to be a tight poker player or a loose one. In the case of the former, a tight poker player is usually playing a small number solely on the best hands, while loose players are more dynamic and are also able to play wider varieties of hands. It is important for you to note that being a tight or loose poker player does not define how a player is going to play a particular hand, as that goes into the passive or aggressive styles of playing.

The differences between a passive and an aggressive playing style might seem to be a bit more obvious even without a context. A passive player is the one with the tendency to play meekly, avoiding confrontation as much as possible often due to a fear of losing, even though by doing so they might miss their chance of winning big on the game. Aggressive poker players are the exact opposite, as they are the ones who are not afraid to raise more than they call, and they are more willing to put their chips at risk. By noting these playing styles, you will be able to tailor your strategy accordingly.

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September 2, 2016