Carrageenan Cancer: The Misconception


Don’t be easily persuaded by the rumor about carrageenan cancer. You probably have heard about it and how a constant consumption of the processed foods and drinks can lead to a health issue. However, if you really know the facts, you won’t be easily discoursed or scared. The media has done enough misleading and misinformation, and only the fools believe in such information without digging further into the issue.

Carrageenan and Poligeenan

When we are talking about the negative effect of the carrageenan, it is highly likely that we are referring to the poligeenan. You see, a certain species of algae grows naturally in the coasts of Ireland. The local people have used its extract for medicine and natural food enhancer for centuries so you can imagine that the substance is pretty safe and even healthy. The locals also claim that you can make the carrageenan extract on your own with simple ingredients found in your kitchen if you really want to try.

However, you need to carefully pay attention to the right method of processing. Turning the algae into a food-grade carrageenan is pretty safe because it doesn’t involve dangerous methods or chemical substances. However, when you are doing a completely different processing that includes chemical addition and risky procedures, you turn the algae to the poligeenan. And poligeenan isn’t used in the foods.

The Misconception

However, today’s media like to blow up things with bombastic headlines. People today tend to take every word they get without even bother to do some checking. Such lethal combination leads to the misconception and misunderstanding about the carrageenan. It is the poligeenan that is dangerous. It is the poligeenan that can cause cancer.

Carrageenan and poligeenan are different and they are formed through different processing too. If you wonder whether the carrageenan is safe or not, the answer is yes. The poligeenan, on the other hand, isn’t safe for the food industry.

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September 28, 2016