Visiting England

9Visiting England should be one of the thing that should be put on everyone’s bucket list. It is a nice country with many places to visit and also lots of things to buy. In fact, there are many movies which have taken England for all its scenes which even make this country to be worth a shot. However, the fun that we’ve got after we landed in England are mostly concentrated in the Urban Area for example London and also Manchester. Yes, those big cities are cities that must be visited but it doesn’t mean that other cities are not pretty. This is mainly because some rural cities in England are very rare to be highlighted by the media hence only some people know the beauty of it.

Ilford Town

One of the rural cities in England is known as Ilford Town. It is located not far from Central London where we can use train to start exploring this city. Previously, Ilford town was cut from other places but the creation of railways have made this town to be one of the most visited places in England. Local breweries and also breads will be an unforgettable moment that anyone who visit this city will get but let’s not forget about another fun that we can actually get by visiting Ilford Town.

Ilford Escort

The only thing that most people miss is the Ilford Escorts. Yes, this is basically the second nicest thing that we can actually derive by visiting this town besides the foods and the panoramas. The escorts from this town is are known to be beautiful, tall, and know many ways how to entertain men. Hence, if we have a huge plan to visit England, don’t forget to visit Ilford town and to get a little deeper with Ilford Escort since it will be a memorable visit, period.

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September 15, 2016