Getting Locked Out of Your Phone? Don’t Worry

Did you just get locked out of your phone? If so, relax. It is a problem that can be solved. Yes, easily. It is usually a sign that you have entered the wrong PIN three times. And to correct this problem, you have to call your cell phone service provider and ask for a PUK.

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What is a PUK?

It stands for PIN Unlock Key. PUK is the code that is linked to an individual SIM card. Many companies will ask for a PUK code. Others, however, will ask for a PUC code. Basically, PUK and PUC is the same thing.

How to get your PUK

That’s right. How can you get your PUK code to unlock your phone? Well, just call your service provider’s customer service (or their tech support team). Only your service provider is able to retrieve your PUK code. Some of them will give your PUK code when you start your service. If your service provider is one that does this, make sure that your write the code down somewhere or memorize it. Others, on the other hand, will provide the code only when you call them with a problem. Keep in mind that they will have to make sure that you are really who you say you are. So, be prepared to answer some security questions.

What to do after you get the code?

After you get the code, power up your cell phone. Often times, there will be a notification popping up, telling you to enter your PUK code. Follow the step-by-step prompts on your phone screen. After your phone is unlocked, you may be required to enter a new SIM PIN number. Do it. Once the phone is fully unlocked, you can go to the Settings menu and turn off this feature.

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October 30, 2016