Endless Gain Suggestion: Persuasive Design to Win Your Customer

Many aspects are needed to be considered by a company or website to improve and attract more people to visit our website. In addition to an attractive website content and meaningful, other things also influences is the design of the website. Persuasive design can attract visitors to come to your website. Of course, the number of visitors which increase will influence  the number of profits and sales. Here are some strategies to make your website design more persuasive by Endless Gain.

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Endless Gain Website Design

How to create a design that persuasive?

The principle of clarity is one of the things that must be owned by a website. The website should be able to answer customer about where visitors are now and what can be done by them.

The next is the visual appeal that has to mean on first impressions seen by visitors. This is very clear for visual appeal because it is important for the credibility of the website.

Then visual hierarchy with regard to the things that you want to stand out to gain the attention of the customer.

The principle of contrast is also needed on a website to guide visitors to read or know the important messages you want to convey to them.

The principle of alignment also important to align the menu buttons with text instructions, for example. It will also guide the visitor to get to the CTA.

Next is the principle of balance. Create a white space on the website is needed for making a visual balance.

In addition to the design, do not forget about the content. Regarding this content, you can consider who are your visitors. If your visitors are old, use a rather large font.

Space also the other thing that must be considered in order to simplify  the visitor to read the content of your website

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November 28, 2016