Dock Lights and the Importance of Having the Right Color

Choosing a provider or a service that can help you with your dock lights can be problematic. Not only you need to consider the right type of lights to install, you also need to think about the selection process for the provider. And as if it weren’t enough, you need to decide what kind of colored lights to buy. Yes, the lights can come in various attractive hues. Depending on your needs, you need to think this thoroughly or face the costly consequences.

 Image result for Dock LightsThe Importance of Colors

If you like fishing on the docks and you are thinking about attracting more fish to the area, you may want to install the green or white colors. There is a logical and scientific explanation to the color, really. You see, lights attract zooplankton, the natural fish fodder. And somehow, zooplankton is always attracted to the green or white light. White lights are natural but the water can absorb it very quickly. Moreover, the white can’t really penetrate deeply.

Unlike the white, the green is able to penetrate the deeper area and it retains its attractive hue – which is important for the zooplankton gathering. Not to mention that some species of fish are directly attracted to the lights instead of the zooplankton or the bait fish. So, installing the underwater lights for your fishing enjoyment can improve your chances.

Why not the other colors, anyway? There hasn’t been any scientific explanation about it. But based on many studies and experiments, fish are always attracted to the green lights. Some fish may be attracted to the white while some are attracted to the blue. The problem is, the blue lights seem effective for the saltwater area but they don’t work well in the freshwater regions. But when the green lights are used in both areas, the final outcome is always satisfying. That’s why it is advisable that you install green fishing dock lights for better luck.

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January 27, 2017